Wet Clutch (garrelli) oil ammount?

If you over fill the clutch with too much oil can it affect performance? We just recently got our garelli super sport XL finished and i just poured in the oil till it started comming out. I think the manual calls for 13.5 fluid ounces. the bike is not running as fast as it should its only doing 22-25mph. I can't think of anything else that might be causing this. there are no vaccum leaks. theres a new plug. cleaned carb. checked timing. electrical is good. exhaust is clean. soooooo WTF Mate?

Re: Wet Clutch (garrelli) oil ammount?

You fill it till it comes out. If it only goes 25mph then that's probably as fast as it's supposed to go. But remember that oil that is too thick/heavy will slow you down, especially if it's cold out.

You might also want to check anything else out that might be slowing you down (ie underinflated tires etc.).

Re: Wet Clutch (garrelli) oil ammount?

so as long as you are close to the correct ammount it doesnt matter? I have heard that super sport XL's do 35+ stock. so this can't be the engines true top speed.

do you think it might matter that i am using detergent oil when the manual calls for non detergent?

Re: Wet Clutch (garrelli) oil ammount?


drain it, use SAE30ND

Re: Wet Clutch (garrelli) oil ammount?

seriously? we have been riding it for weeks with regular HD30W oil. where can i find non detergent and how importatn is it?

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