Top Speed Smoke?

I have my honda express. Thge carb is rebuilt and the top end with new gasket. It was decarbonized. I figured that the pipe was fine because it was very very easy to blow through. It isnt clogged up. When i ride when iam at or appraching the top speed it smokes whiteish blue. I smokes to moderate to heavy. I know for certain this smoke isnt normal...

whats wrong?

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

it sounds like your premix is too rich. how many fluid ounces of 2 stroke oil do you add per gallon?

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

What kind of oil are you using?

Are you using the injector to supply the oil or are you premixing the gas?

Re: Top Speed Smoke?


If he's premixing and injecting, this would really smoke up his neighborhood.

It would be a reason !

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

oil injection with suzuki 2-stroke injector oil

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

It sounds like you're getting too much oil. Agreed?

Now here's where it becomes hard to detect.

I recently had to seal my tank because I had a leek between the oil and gas tanks.

I suspected this and found it by smelling gas in the oil when I drained the oils tank.

Run it out of gas. Pull the oil line to injector.

Once you have the oil tank empty, refill the gas tank. Let it sit over night. If you have a leek between them, it will fill the oil tank till they are at equal levels.

It's hard to tell with both tanks full because the liquid are at the same level and blend really slowly. You're best off using the gas to see if it goes into the oil tank because gas is much thinner.

Let me know.

The mix would be less obvious at low speeds because the injector supplies way less than at full throttle. Once you open it up and cross contamination would be made more obvious by the smoke.

Please let me know how you make out.


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I just took of the plug after a 30 hour ride. It is near perfect! a greyish brown tip and elctroide. So does thie mean my oil injector is running good? Other wise it would be fouled and black? So it has to be my exhaust pipe...

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no. your plug has nothing to do with your oil levels. when people refer to a spark plug being rich or lean, they are refering to the gas/air ratio. not the gas/oil ratio.

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

Well wouldnt it mean that the oil pump is working fine. If it wasent the plug would be black. anyone else have a idea?

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

Look at my answer

Listed as Mike and date/time stamped 10-10-05 15:50.

Read closely and understand.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Re: Top Speed Smoke?

Sorry, didnt see that post. I checked it and there is no leak between them.

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

The oil injector is almost fool proof.

The only other thing I could think is that the oil itself is smoky in general.

I just started using Castrol GTX 2 cycle oil (not the one for outboards). It seems to be pretty clean even at wide open.

How did you check the tanks?

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

No, your exhaust pipe has nothing to do with the amount of smoke the bike is putting out.

Re: Top Speed Smoke?

I think im going to change and use a diff type of oil. Is it alright to use a regular 2 stroke oil?

I figured that the exhaust had oil in it that burns off when i ride it...

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