engine seized or not?

I acquired 1978 honda hobbit which had not been running for many many years. I have been cleaning it all up and trying to get it running, replacing broken cables, cleaning gas tank, new plugs, new ignition key, cleaning carb, the typical things to get an old ped running again. I have never owned a Moped and my knowledge is only from things I have gotten from this site.

My question is, "How will I know if the engine is seized?" I know that may sound like a stupid question but the following items are the reasons why I ask the question.

I replaced the spark plug. During which, I put my thumb over the spakplug hole and really did not feel any compession. I put mixed fuel in the cylinder with an eyedropper to see if I could get it to turn over. Nothing happened. I then stuck a plastic straw into the whole to see where the piston was resting. The straw went into the hole but not very far. I turned the rear wheel a couple of times with the transmission lever on the rear hub in the up position and then checked the depth again. The depth did not change. Is my piston seized or am I missing something. Would the tire turn if the piston was seized.

Also does the flywheel turn or is it fixed. I took the cover off to check the points and mine is in the same position as is shown in my manual. How is the flywheel attached to the crank and shouldn't it rotate?

I also tried to push start it since I have my peddle shaft getting fixed. As long as I pushed it slowly you could hear what I think was the clutch and the rear trans turning like it should. When I tried to push it faster there was a terrible grinding sound from the front clutch area. I was wondering if this was happening because there was rust in the clutch and as the plates were spinning faster and moving outward they were rubbing or grinding on something.

Any help from you guys out there would really be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Re: engine seized or not?

Turn the fly wheel with you hands, does it move freely or does it not move at all? If it moves it is not seized.

Re: engine seized or not?

the engine is seized when the piston cannot slide in the cylinder. if the piston moves when you activate the clutch it isnt seized. too be safe dump some two stroke into the cylinder.

the flywheel spins the magneto so no its not fixed

now about the clutch sound open it up and see if there is anything broken or loose in there

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