Two garelli questions.

Will a piston that is scored cause low enough compression to not run. The top of the piston is also covered with carbon. I think this may have been a result of the old owner running it with out an airbox with a 51 jet. The cylinder still seems good.

And where would i fill up the clutch/tranny oil from on my garelli rally sport?



Re: Two garelli questions.

any one?


Re: Two garelli questions.

The scoring might have caused the rings to stick in the lands which will definately cause low compression.

Have you pulled the cylinder off?

Re: Two garelli questions.

yes about 95% of the piston is scored but the rings are'nt sticking in the lands. But i have a spark and fuel flow so it must be the piston right? But the previous owner defiently ran it too lean also.

Re: Two garelli questions.

on the supersport XL you need to put in 13.5 ounces i think. check the manual at Moped riders Association.

Re: Two garelli questions.

yep right here...

it says. 13.5 ounces of SAE 30W (non detergent but everyone i have talked to says detergent is ok) motor oil. thats 400cc's.

Re: Two garelli questions.

thanks harlod but i have no idea where to put it in from?

Re: Two garelli questions.

look at your crank case. there is a big flathead screw on the front of it that you take off. then underneath there is another one. drain it out all the way and replace it with the new oil. it explains how to do it in the link i posted above. that manual covers almost all garelli's (including yours)

Re: Two garelli questions.


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