So wtf is a tickler button? is it that thing next to the choke?

Mine has never worked. is that a big deal?


its the primer type button on a bing carb

why doesnt it work, the only way it couldnt work is if the pole isnt there, all it is is a little pole that goes from the outside of the carb to the bowl, to keep the float pushed down to manually fill the bowl with fuel,


The only reason it wouldn't work is if the metal part of the float has been bent/messed around with... it its off just a mm the float wont push down far enough to allow the needle valve to open... it'll just stay shut :P


Ben Van Zoest /

What That's For (WTF) it's a slang word for the primer button we use it a lot on this site...


My '66 Triumph Bonneville had a tickler button.It works just like those plastic squeeze things on weedeaters and chainsaws.It's a primer that squirts liquid gas into the carburetor.Unless it's really cold,you can usually get by without it if your choke is working.If it is broken,make sure it's not causing a vacuum leak.


Actually dude, WTF is not an abbreviation for "What's that for...", it actually stands for a much more vile and crass phrase - "What the f---". (Just a tid-bit of totally useless information)

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