Better horn for a puch?

SO i see alot of 12v and 24v horns but not too many 6v ones. are there any horns out there that are different than the stock horn that i can just plug right in? I dont want to try a 12v conversion.

Re: Better horn for a puch?

the puch maxi s 1975 horns are pretty loud

me and my friend have em and they're louder than two other puchs i know

Re: Better horn for a puch?

Yeah but i would prefer to move away from that type of horn in general. I really hate the EHHH! EHHH! sound. there has gotta be something simple i can buy.



you can buy air compressor horns at napa and other auto stores for less than 30 bucks,

wayne has one, its the funniest damn thing ever, we ride through the airport terminal and he blasts this horn, its totally ridiculous

its pretty well hidden on his bike to, he has the horn mounted to his forks, with a wire going to the battery pack under the seat


good idea with the battery pack


I have a Harbor Freight 12v Ahooga horn which I run on 2 rechargeable 6v batteries in series to make 12v.

The batteries are the small emergency lighting back up power units 2mah each.

Makes lots of noise.

If you bought a 6v ahooga horn you still may need x2 6v batteries wired in parallel in order to have enough amperage to spin the motor.

It depends on the battery.

Also the HF horn has a plastic horn section which I chopped down and reglued using PVC cement to give it a more compact profile.


Re: Better horn for a puch?

Harold: If you do not have a battery on your bike or do not intend to carry some then you ill not have enough power coming out of the alternator to power any kind of a larger, louder horn.

Creature Mike

Re: Better horn for a puch?

yah if i need to i can go with a battery. I was really originally just looking for something that i can just plug in to the existing wiring but it sounds like all those are the same.

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