yamaha model

I Bought this bike in June, it looks to be in good shape, but the

motor is frozen, I was told that it was running when they put it up

in 1986. I hung it up by the neck and have tried mavel oil Ect,

since then, no luck. In order to get new parts, Piston rings ect.

I need to know what model I have. On the bike it say's Yamaha QT, motor 5u9-015415 , On the neck JYA-5u900-ODA015415.

Would this be the same as a QT50 or yamahopper. And does anyone know where I might get a shop manual for this


Re: yamaha model

Post a photo?

Re: yamaha model

its probably a qt 50

tear the moter down and c howw bad it is \take the head off first to get a look at the piston

Re: yamaha model

Thanks Matt. I found out it a qt50J with a 5u9 model engine

the piston is toast, there is deep pits in the jug, 3 to 4 thousands

I would guess, don't know if i'll try to get it rebored, or see if I can

find a used jug.

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