Cylinder stud stuck to head

On the motor I'm working on the Cylinder head is stuck tight to one of the studs, it appears to be rusted solid. The other three studs are fine. Does anyone have any tips on getting the head free? I'm going to try heating and trying to break it free.


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Re: Cylinder stud stuck to head

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Try this:Loosen head nuts/bolts One turn, Use plenty of rust penetrant on head nuts/bolts, let engine set overnight, Then crank engine letting compression force head loose. Jim.

Re: Cylinder stud stuck to head

Whatever you do,be very careful.You will either break the stud,or break a chunk out of the head.You can try heat(from a heat gun,not a torch),penetrating oil,see if you can get some Kroil.You can tap on it with a piece of wood,or a rubber mallet.Get some of those wood shims for door jambs and cabinets,and try driving them between the head and cylinder.Have patience,it will eventually break loose.Be especially carefull if the parts envolved are something that would be difficult or impossible to replace.Jerry.

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