throttle assembly and carb slide

when my throttle is all the way back, the throttle slide in the carb is not fully opened.

i have tried adjusting the cable tension, and while this sort of works, it also causes the slide to be too far open when the engine is idling, making the idle adjustment screws useless. right now i have settled for a sort of happy medium between a high idle and an open throttle.

does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this? maybe make the little slot in the throttle assembly a bit longer? i'm not sure that would work b/c of the cable holder slider thing limiting the range anyway.

motobecane 50v

amal 15mm

Re: throttle assembly and carb slide

Have you ever changed the throttle assy on the handlebar?

It would seem that the drum that the cable wraps around in the throttle is not large enough in diameter so at full wrap there is not enough cable take-up.

Re: throttle assembly and carb slide

no, i haven't changed it.

on a motobecane throttle assembly there is a slide thingy that the cable attaches to. when i'm all the way back, it slides over to its maximum position. i'm think maybe if i enlarged the groove in the throttle it might slide over a little more, but i'm also afraid that it might slide too far and come off...

i need to borrow a creature dremel.

Re: throttle assembly and carb slide

Oh, it is one of those slide type throttle.

Lets think this out. If you start with the slide at the bottom of the carb, then the throttle assy will not pull the slide all the way up.

It sounds like the cable inner is too long in relation to the outer.

How is the cable arrached to the throttle slide? Is there a fixed end to the cable or is it just fixed to the slide with a screw?

Are you a creature? So am I. Maybe you need to bring your bike over to the garage.

Re: throttle assembly and carb slide

mike, we talked for like 2 hours at the meeting last week.

the cable is fixed to the slide with a screw. unfortunately, the head of the screw is stripped off. no matter though, i don't think adjusting the cable that way would matter -- it would cause the idle to pull the carb slide too far.

ima gonna do some dremeling with the slot and theresa nuthin gonna stop me

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