taillight bulb keeps blowing..honda mb5

get the bike running and the left tailight blows almost immediately. i take things apart and see that there is no ground wire for the tailight where it should be. i made a ground wire, one end went into the harness, the other end had a ring terminal attached to the metal mounting bracket

i put a new bulb in, it blew almost right away.

i tested the socket w/ a multimeter...at idle it has 12.xx volts, a WOT it has 12.xx volts

tested the front left turn signal, at idle it has 12.xx volts, at wot it has 13.4 volts

w/ a new bulb in right now it works, but the left turn signals blink much faster than the right ones...definitely too fast

where do i go from here? i dont wanna keep throwing bulbs away

Re: taillight bulb keeps blowing..honda mb5

Assuming you have the same watt bulb as you are replacing...

Any missing or incorrect watt bulb will impede or cause resistance that will allow more amps to flow to lower impedance or resistance parts of the circuit...bulb blows.

Check bulbs out, or start with a couple of the exact same bulbs in the signals or taillights as a test.

Grounds are VERY important. Check all for soundness. Adding additional grounds improperly might be shorting out a circuit, causing immediate bulb outages...


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