honda aero 50 problems

iam looking into buying my neigbors honda aero 50 it was in nice shape last year when he got it but is not running now after a minor acident. we took apart the engine after checking all other possible suloutionsfor it not to start. the symtoms were gas leaking from exhust pipe (we checked spark, it was good) and it would turn over good but just would start so we took apart the engine and noticed that the piston rings were broken. now i was wondering is can breaking a piston cause any other extesive damage? the cylnder head looks good. no major scrachs. any help would be great.

Re: honda aero 50 problems

Broken rings can snag in a port when the engine is running, and ruin the cylinder. I'd inspect the cylinder bore for any scratches or scoring.

Pieces of ring can also fall into the bottom end, causing extensive damage. Make sure you got all of the old rings out.

You also need to come up with an explanation as to why the rings broke in the first place. Otherwise, you might just end up breaking a new set.

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