pa 50 gas ratio

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true or false: the pa 50 gas to oil ratio is 25:1 (it's a 1983 by the way)

Re: pa 50 gas ratio


So says my 1983 repair Manual, downloaded from this fine forum under "manuals"


Re: pa 50 gas ratio

Mine is an 82.

I put 25:1 in and it four stroked like crazy. I now run 32:1 and it purrs like a kitten and never four strokes.

Try your luck with either. Oil today is better than it was 20 years ago.


Re: pa 50 gas ratio

Yup! It says 25:1

Like Mr. Macabre says oils today are so much better than they used to be, especially if you are running a synthetic oil.

I have been running RedLine at 3 oz to the gallon which works out to about 42:1 with no problem.

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