My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

By this point i am VERY VERY frustrated w/ my 78 batavus starflite. I have done everything i can think of to get it running correctly: clened the points, new spark plug, cleaned the muffler, took apart the carbuerator completely apart and clened that w/ carb cleaner, and basically thats it. BUT.....the thing still runs like SHITE (topping out at like 10mph) i really dont know whats wrong with this at all. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


Re: My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

Try running it without the airbox and/or the muffler, see if that makes it faster. Maybe change the timing. Remove any carbon buildup on the cylinder head or piston. Thats all I can think of.

Re: My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

Ya , i did take the airbox off, and the muffler but to no do u change the timing>???

Re: My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

use flywheel puller to remove magneto

unscrew (not all the way!!!) the three stator plate screws

there will be a marking or some sort of notch between the stator plate and the engine

use the notch as a guideline and rotate the stator plate left or right, left retards timing and right advances

*rotate in increments of 0.03"

Re: My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

I did this and it still wont run rite- now topping at 15 mph!!!! I also looked at the clutch but i couldnt see ne thing wrong-pleeeeeeeeeeez help me!!


Re: My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

how big is the gap when your points open

Re: My batavus is dead (almost)NEED HELP

not very big-prolly cereal box size

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