leaky petcock-repair?


I purchased a petcock and well it's broken and i'm pissed. Any ideas on if these can be repaired? Fuel leaks from underneath the nut and it looks like the rubber ring has bits missing...and the unit turns 360 degrees while the nut is stationary...

Can the rubber be replaced?

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

"and the unit turns 360 degrees while the nut is stationary… "

thats because the nut works two ways and your only getting the nut connected fully to the tank and not to the petcock. try screwing the nut into the petcock a bit before you put the unit on the tank. this might ensure that the petcock fits better. as for the leak you should try putting alot of teflon tape around all the threads. that should prevent from leaking.

| ===========|

| ''''''''''''''''| |''''''''''|

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| ,,,,,,,,,,,,| |,,,,,,,,|

| ===========|

^petcock ^bolt ^gas tank

see how the petcock can still go in further but the bolt cant because its already all the way in the tank screw? well you should prescrew the bolt onto the petcock thread just about right so that both the tank and petcock are at the ends of turning at the same time. it takes some fiddling but its all worthit. or if you can turn your straw without breaking it then you might be able to turn the petcock

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

fuck the diagram wdidnt work

Re: leaky petcock-repair?


cool idea with the diagram I got dizzy. Well, I'll upload a pic this weekend but for now


Has an exploded view of the petcock-

the nut doesn't appear to be detachable so i'm thinking that it's broken, the petcock portion (with the lever doesn't have threads either only the portion that screws onto the tank. Also, when I go to screw it onto the tank it is pressed out and nearly comes apart (falls out).

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

oh weird. the diagram i made was messed up. but it was referring to a puch petcock.

the one on the top is what im talking about the one on the bottom is what you might be talking about. any other way i cant think of.

you know you love my diagram!

the diagram you posted doesnt work for me. it says i need to log in

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

yes i am drooling over the blue you chose for the threads. Thanks.

So i think I may just order a new one...

Re: leaky petcock-repair?


I see you are still struggling with this.

It sucks when you can be so close and get into the last nit picky things.

You are a few months behind me. I went the same route you have.

Helpful diagrams will not help you.

I have a few petcocks that are broken in different ways. The two spares I have don't have the same problem that your has.

When I get a minute, I will send you what I have. Perhaps you can make one working version out of them. This often becomes the only solution whit stuff this old.

The reason the petcock base turns is to allow you to position the switch in a place you can get at it when it's full tight. The one you describe that you have seems to have more than this as a problem though. I think you also told me in leaked from the switch. This part is riveted closed and can't be fixed.

I'll send you what I got but I'de say that you see if you can get your money back for the bad one and bid on the one I sent you as a link from my AOL "shenansdad" account.

Good luck. You seem to be in the home stretch. hang in there.


Re: leaky petcock-repair?

When you're expressing your opinion, you should pretend you are talking to this young girl with her father standing behind her.

If this were the case he would probably grab you by the head, take you around a corner where nobody can hear you crying and have a long conversation about what language he finds acceptable.

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Re: leaky petcock-repair?


How is your last comment relevant to this thread? Did I miss something?

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

Ben Van Zoest /

From what I read from your post rubber ring/leak you should fix it first, any good hardware store has a selection of O rings one of which will do the job. Whenever I take any device apart that utilizes O rings and to prevent future misery I renew them right away.

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

I think we can offer assistance to Donna without resorting to " f**k the diagram wdidnt work " (quoting joseph ho). I hope that made my comments more clear.

Re: leaky petcock-repair?


Please keep in mind that when you deal with any materials that come in contact with gas or oil, they must be made for that reason.

Most items you find in a hardware store will deal more with contact with water.

If you go looking fro replacement seals, the auto parts store should be the first stop (lawn mower shops are even more likely to have stuff to use)


PS sorry if my comments to joseph ho complicated this thread. His choice of language seemed a bit much.

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

well, I'm not all that young...thanks anyway :)

Thanks for your input I'll take my crapy petcock to the lawn shop or moped repair shop and try to fix it with a new O ring.

Re: leaky petcock-repair?


Hm, ok. I guess I was looking for something more of a personally offensive / lewd nature.

If it ever comes down to that, we can always give a call to Sexual Harrassment Panda.. he'd straighten things out.

Re: leaky petcock-repair?

Hey lay offa the kid! This young girl is 31 and has been hanging around her dad's salvage yard rebuilding mustangs so I doubt she is shocked by his slip of the tongue...

Joe is a super bright kid and its obvious he has gone to a lot of trouble to draw diagrams to try to help another mopeder...

so back the fuck off!

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