wrenchman needed: please help

steve matichuk /

my PC50 is a constant source of problems for me. would anyone be willing to work on it and get her into reliable riding condition? i've seen postings saying that a couple of the guys from the RCMP here in toronto know their way around a 2-wheeler pretty well. the bike runs, but won't idle properly, and it gaps out during acceleration sometimes. i know that it's probably just a carb issue, but i'm such a rookie that i don't trust myself to tinker too much for fear of killing the bike altogether. this is my last chance. if i can't find someone who can help me, i may have to sell her and buy something newer/less frustrating.....


steve in toronto

Re: wrenchman needed: please help

Hey Steve ~

Ask Freddie @ http://www.simplymopeds.com/. He seems to know what he is doing.

good luck!


Re: wrenchman needed: please help

Did you adjust the air and fuel screws? (might help you idle better)

Clean the air filter? (might stop the "gapping out")

Re: wrenchman needed: please help

steve matichuk /

i found a brand new air filter on ebay which has been installed. the idle screws don't seem to do too much for me. all the literature suggests that the idle mixture screw should be around 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 turns open, but there's not much out there regarding the idle speed adjustment. i've tried opening it all the way, and closing right down, but no matter what i try, the bike always seems to need a little a gas when i am stopped at a light. it even stalls when i'm slowing down sometimes if i don't keep the throttle open a bit. even when i have the back end propprd up, the bike won't idle freely. could it be that my jets clogged so that the float chamber isn't getting enough gas idle or run properly? i just paid for a tune-up, and the tech said that he had disassembled and cleaned the carb extensively. i'm beginning to think that he was full of shit.....

Re: wrenchman needed: please help

I'm in Toronto and am willing to help you out.

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