my PA50 freakin broke again!!

So I just got my PA50 back from the shop today. Being that I gave up on them once the other shop started to sound like scammy bitches like the first shop, I bought a car so I gave the bike to a friend... But still paid the 350 bucks it took to fix it.

So I'm following him down Harlem because he's never ridden a moped before and I don't want my horribly expensive baby to get hurt. No problem. There's some when it comes to the pick up, but after about a half block it makes speed no problem.

We stop to get some dinner near his house and go out to get him back on the bike, me back in my car, and on the way to the garage that will be my "King Bee's" new home.... AND IT DOESNT FREAKING START!!!!

The pedals spin and nothing happens.

Before it went into the shop (needed massive carb cleaning) it would "put put put" as you pedaled but as soon as you let go of the decomp and put the throttle on, it would sputter out.

This time, the pedals spin and nothing happens at all. All I get is the "whir whir whir" of the pedals and back wheel going round and round.

It was given a clean bill of health - minus the fact that it's missing the air filter and the bushings in the pedals (not the bearings that go with the sprocket like the scammy shop said) are not up to snuff.

Can either of those issues keep the bike from even turning over?

This is REALLY getting to me. I'm 900 dollars into this bike so far. I had to take out a "short term loan" to pay the shop. All I want is a working bike!!!!! >:(

Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!

The 'is it plugged in' question:

Is the rear transmission engaged? You know, that little lever

at the back of the gearbox?

Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!

That's what it sounds like to me. Someone fooled ith it while you were inside.

In normal starting mode the pedals drive the chain on the right side, the chain drives the rear wheel, the rear wheel drives the belt, the belt turns the variator, and the starting clutch drives the engine.

If you crank the pedals and nothing happens, either the rear gearbox is not engaged or the v-belt is so loose that it will not drive the variator.

Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!

When that happened to me, my rear pulley broke.

Could the shop have take apart the gearbox and messed up while putting it back together?

Hope it turns out ok.

Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!

Yes, it is.

Man, I loved that question when I worked with computers. "Is the Caps lock on?" was a close second.

I think that it may be flooded. I'm goin from best case to worst case with this one.

Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!

$900? Ouch. I paid $140 Canadian for mine and spent $12 on a new condenser. Why not learn to fix it yourself? I would have had to spend tons of money on fixing it if I didn't know how to. They are simple machines that can be figured out if you are mechanically inclined.

Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!


Just experience similar dilemma. Pedaling will not turn engine over fast enough, even with compression release, to get it to fire.

Belt got too loose, no way to get enough tension, so plan B...

Rolled bike down a slight incline, with key on, choke and compression release on, enough speed got it to turn over and fire...Whew, got home okay.

My belt gets too cooked going up big hills here, so I am looking for a cheap replacement. Honda wants $80 for this glorified $6 fan belt…

Good luck.


Re: my PA50 freakin broke again!!

If you are cooking your belt going up hills it is not tight enough. Adjust it like the manual says to and you will have no problem.

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