Honda Urban Express hard to start

My friend bought a honda from me and one from another friend of mine and used one cuz it had a title and pulled the motor off of my old one cuz it ran now it runs but is hard to start which is the same problem i had with it when i had it any ideas on what is wrong with it?

Re: Honda Urban Express hard to start

Hmmm...could be one too many run-on sentences.

Re: Honda Urban Express hard to start

Leon Swarmer /

Details please ...hard to start can mean anyting from the petcock is turned off to the bottom end is gone.

Are you talking the starter motor or the engine???

Can't possibly help.

Re: Honda Urban Express hard to start

Jonas Quimby /

The Express's carb must be fanaticly clean, and the auto choke box likes to clog up or get stuck.

That and a new air filter might just be all you need.

Oh, and if it's sat for a long time without running it will also likely have a big of old gas/oil in the crankcase, plus what's leaked past the oil injector. This will clear out pretty quick once it's being ridden.

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