need tires

where can i find tires for a 66 motobecane

Re: need tires

What size are they?

If you don't have any, but have the rims. Measure the outer diameter, and (on mine anyway) subtract the amount to where the inside of the rim would be resting against the rubber of the tire.

Re: need tires

Once you have your size, check out eBay. About $48 delivered for two tires and tubes, much more like motorcycle tires that the Michelin bicycle/moped tires that I have now.

Just got some from:

Hammersley Motors

2643 Lakeside Drive

Lynchburg Va 24501


Re: need tires

Isn't there a couple of different 'becane's sold for that year?

If so, I think they are different design enough that there are totally different sizes of tires on'em in '66.

What model?

Are they tall or smaller like most of the modern peds?

Measure them.

Re: need tires

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

check the size and call 1977 mopeds. we sell sava tires for 16 each and tubes for like 6. actual shipping costs. (269) 344-1977.

Re: need tires

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