Bravo is Pooped Going Uphill

Greetings Gang: This is my first post. Hope I've read enough of the archives to prevent me from sounding like a total idiot.

I just purchased a 1978 Vespa Bravo. It's complete with 1300 miles, but I don't know its history. I changed the spark plug (put the correct one in) and have managed to get it running with a hell of a long hard downhill pedal. It actually chugs along at 20 miles an hour pretty well as long as I'm going downhill.

Unfortunately, the minute we head uphill, the power vanishes and in short order the engine dies. Any suggestions on the first place to make adjustments? Thanks for your help with this. Gary

Re: Bravo is Pooped Going Uphill

Your carburetor is all plugged up.

Take it apart and clean every orifice. Stick a fine wire thru every hole and then squirt carb cleaner thru the holes also.

Drain the tank and rinse it out also. Remove the fuel tap and clean it's screens.

Check the timing and you should be good to go.

Re: Bravo is Pooped Going Uphill

yah after 1300 miles you for sure need to check the timing. I hope you have a friend that can show you how to do this cause it is not an easy noobie task. take it from me.

Re: Bravo is Pooped Going Uphill

Gary Jugert /

Hey Silverfox and Harold Smith: Thank you both for your ideas. I've tried to research how to set the timing on the internet and there is a copy of the service manual I found out there but it does more to obscure the procedure than illuminate it. It sounds quite complicated. Can you point me to a location or give me a rundown as to how one goes about checking it? I do appreciate your help. Gary

Re: Bravo is Pooped Going Uphill

Vespas won't need the timing to be set. If you set the points correctly, they will open up at the appropriate moment, no other adjustments are needed. Set your points to about .016.



Re: Bravo is Pooped Going Uphill

I do not have a manual for your model. You should get one somewhere. The proceedure will be spelled out in the manual.

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