Throttle Cable Puch Maxi

Francisco Samayoa /

The throttle is stuck. does not move the cable

How do I pull apart (separate) the cable from the carbr?

there are two screws on top of the cabr and the cable in the middle.

I want to clean the card too. Why the throttle doesn't move?

Is a Puch maxi 1 spd -1982 I bought last Saturday. Thanks

Re: Throttle Cable Puch Maxi

Jason Luther /

those two screws are it. first remove the carb from the bike, then take those two top screws out (kind of hold everything together until you get both screws all of the way out, or else you might strip the holes) and pull the top off the carb. the carb slide is probably stuck. then remove the bowl on the bottom of the carb(unscrew it) and then the tiny little brass jet. just be carefull and clean all of the tiny passages and everything else well. go to and look in the reapir section for a maxi service manual (its for an '83 or something, but they are all the same), itll show you everything.

Re: Throttle Cable Puch Maxi

try turning on the choke when it gets stuck it always works for me

Re: Throttle Cable Puch Maxi

Francisco Samayoa /

Thanks the slide was glued. finally came off

The ped is practically new. but is been park in a garage all this time. I'm in the cleaning process

I'm so excited

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