Sachs G trouble


I just bought a very nice Sachs G3. The ped was sitting since ’86 because of a wipe out. Basically the front brake perch was broken and the owner didn’t feel safe riding it anymore.

Anyway I pulled the carb and cleaned it up. And put fresh fuel in the tank. The tank was very clean. The Ped started right up and ran great. I guess after a few min I realized I didn’t check the gear case oil. Sure enough there was no oil.

I filled the gear case and the ran the ped again .Now it boggs and wants to stall at full throttle. I pulled the carb again and it was perfectly clean. Pulling in the choke will allow the engine to rev up.

Arggg. Dose anybody have a clue.. Perhaps the crank seals? .. The thing is, the engine doesn’t seem to be pulling in extra oil from the gear box. That would be typical of a bad seal.

Any ideas?

Re: Sachs G trouble

Check the main jet. See if its clear

Re: Sachs G trouble


When I pulled the carb the second time, I took the main jet off and was able to see through the little hole. I also checked the tube that the main jet screws on to. The tube was clear and the holes at the end were clear.

Re: Sachs G trouble

check your idle screw

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