Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

Before I attempt it...want to remove piston from Magnum two speed crankshaft. Engine still on frame. Manual makes it look simple: Push nifty shop tool in and the pin slides out other side (after removing clips. I know that much.) But does it really come out that simply? Without that tool, what should I use and will it slide out readily or do I need to pound? The only time I have seen it done was on a Honda and the guy pounded the pin out with a hammer and nail punch. Worked, but seemed primitive. Would a wooden dowel work? With or without pounding? Really don't want to bend crankshaft!!!

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

anything thats the size of the inner diameter of the hole will work

i usually use a 6 in 1 screwdriver, if you take the bit out it fits perfectly inside the writs pin hole, you can also use the appropriate sized socket

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

i agree when i was working on my old tomos we had to take the pin billions of times its really easy and like what brett said i would also use a screw driver.


Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

See Ya Moped Army /

It's wasy if the motor is not all rusty inside.

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

Yeah.. and if the pin is tight, you do not want to pound on it. You'll bend the connecting rod very easily.

Heating the piston with a hair dryer might make things a lot easier, if the pin is just slightly tight.

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

Hints: stuff a rag in the crankcase mouth th keep anything from going in there.

Also, if the pin is tight, after heating the piston with the hair dryer, you can tap it out with a hammer but have a buddy back up the connecting rod from the other side.

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

brad cornell /

The only brob is you mite bend or brake the crank rod if you hit it with a hamer. Get one of those TOOLS.

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

Okay. Will give it a try.

The piston, cylinder, everything looked exceptionally clean. Amazingly so. I have no history on the bike, mileage over 11,000 but the piston top had no hard carbon deposits, just some oily dust that wiped right off, neither the piston nor cylinder were scored at all, and the rings are still shiny. So I don't know if it was changed or not. Does it seem reasonable for the parts to still be in this good condition at that mileage?

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

Other option:

Do you know the screwdrivers with the option of putting different heads/tops inside? Their shaft has the diameter of most types of piston-pins, i normally use this tool and slowly increase the pressure used. If its tight heat it with hot air and then apply some WD40.

Don't use a normal screwdriver the risk of damaging the piston is to high, just a small incision on the side of the hole of the pin means a higher risk of the piston damaging your cilinder, goor luck, Maarten

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

You might also find a 1/4" drive socket that will fit.

Re: Removing Piston Pin Difficult?

Before reading this today, I tried yesterday to remove a piston and pin from an old Honda engine and used the same technique that spartadude suggested, the removeable screwdriver/socket driver from my kid's starter tool set. Worked fine. Thanks

P.S. The Puch is mine. Separate issue.

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