1969 Puch tire

Hey guys,

Looking for a rear tire for my 1969 49cc Puch. I've went through 2, and they must have been damn close to originals because the rubber keeps deteriorating and by the time I get home the tube is dead too. Any links to get sites etc, or even if someone has one laying around for cheap...thumbs up.

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what is the size? 16/17x2.25/2.50/2.75????

Re: 1969 Puch tire

Ebay has cheap moped tires break>


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Re: 1969 Puch tire

These are the cheapest best tires I found anywhere.... they are Michelins and I have both kinds... the Gazelles are only 9.61 each and the VM 100's are around 14.00 with a speed rating of 100k/ph and the best part is ronayers.com shipping is only 8.00



These are the best deal on mope tires on eBay... they come with 2 Kendra tubes which are worth 10-12 bucks each by themselves and the tires are like Sava slicks but with deeper grooves... I got a set and they are sweet... they make these in 17x2.25 as well so if you want those just email the seller or wait a day or two and he'll prolly have more of that size up for sale as "buy it now"


Hope this helps :P

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I know where to get them!

3 places, 1 in usa, 2 in netherlands.




That last link didn't seem to work through here for another guy, I don't know why. But anyway, they're:

Motor West, Inc. out of Milwaukee

50cc in the Netherlands

Rinky Toys in the Netherlands

This is funny. I've answered this question (kind of) Twice in the last 2 minutes.


Re: 1969 Puch tire

um... who the hell is going to order a tire from the Netherlands when you can get it for 9 bucks in the states?!?!?!?!?? LOL :P

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Show me a tire that measures 23 inches by 2.25 for 9 bucks, And I'll buy 10 of 'em!

Just giving info that IS helpful, dude! Your 9 dollar tires probably don't fit his.

Nine bucks, huh?

Re: 1969 Puch tire

Jeeze man...

He didnt give the size and I didnt realize it wasnt a standard Puch size...

No need to be so aggressive dude... hopefully my links can be helpful to the other 99% of Puch owners on this site!

Re: 1969 Puch tire


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