Honda PA%) Fuel Problem


I,m unable to find the low speed fuel circuit in the carb.

The motor runs fine as long as I keep the revs up. I can't get it to idle, and to keep it running I have to blip it &/or put on the choke.

I've pulled the carb out and cleaned and blown out the main jet & emulsier jet etc. - etc., BUT it still won't idle, so I figure the low speed ciruit is clogged, but I can't find it - YES, I have removed & cleaned the fuel/air adjuster. Is there a channel in the carb that runs from above the main jet area to the fuel/air adjuster that is hard to see??



Re: Honda PA%) Fuel Problem

Get the service manual first.

There's a whole section on cleaning the carb, and it shows a cut-away diagram of how the idle circuit works.

Re: Honda PA%) Fuel Problem

Thanks Jason,

I'd looked at the manual previously but did not see what I needed, but on a closer review it was right in front of me (although a bit dim)

Thanks Again


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