PUCH Moped carb question

I have a 80 Puch Moped. On the carb there is a small pin/stick looking thing coming out the top that you can move with your finders up and down. What is its purpose? Also on that carb there is a black little button, what is it?

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one of them is bound to be the choke.

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Jason Luther /

the 'stick' on top is the choke. push it down (closed) when starting it. as you give it throttle it should move up (open). the little black button is called a 'tickler' it will hold the float down and let extra fuel in. but since you have a choke the tickler really is useless. its kind of like a priming button on a lawn mower.

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cool, thanks for the info folks.

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Read the Puch Owner's manual...


On page 17 it suggests holding down the tickler or primer button (which fills the carb bowl)til a few drops of fuel appear on the ground.. I didn't know this and never did it and once I started using this method it started on the first kick instead of the second or third!!

Hope this helps :P

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My newport never starts with the choke down. Am i misunderstanding when you said "push it down (closed) when starting it". Whenever i push the choke down the engine just turns off.

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I only use the choke when the engine is stone cold.. like in the morning... once it is even a little warm you dont need it!

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yeah the primer is important though. its definitely not useless

there are some situations where you would want to try to fill your bowl up manually. i dunno much about the choke. it blocks the intake so im guessing it allows your motor to start up a little bit on the rich end. correct me if im wrong. and the fact that the choke doesnt fully block the intake may be because it lets SOME air in for when its in idle. thats just a hypothesis correct me if im wrong. i only know it from opening the carb and looking at it.

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