very frustrated with batavus

Ok by this point im really pissed at my 78' batavus starflite va 25 mph step thru model. Ive tried to get this thing running in good condition but evrything fails. It runs greta somedays and then sucky some days. I clened the carb and the exhaust system but to no success. I think the spark plug is ok b/c i checked the spark and it was blue. so i dont know whats going on. Ive got fuel coming to the carb fine, but it just doesnt have ne power


Re: very frustrated with batavus

thats why mines parked in the shed...and im riding my moby...has good and bad days.......I think I need a rebuild , when she gets warm she dies and wont idle worth a gonna sell it..........

Re: very frustrated with batavus

check timing. make sure gaskets are still good. and make sure there are no clogs

Re: very frustrated with batavus

I have a 1979 Starflite VA II and the bike is good. 25 mph, does 27 normally. It had good days and bad days and it was mostly because of dirty carb. Take the carb off, blow it all out and it was a champ again. I had to do it almost once a week. Drain your tank. It's no hill climber! So cleaning the carb won't fix that.....other than that it's a solid bike.

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