Need help with electrical problems!

I have a columbia commuter moped with a sachs 47cc 505 engine. I have recently purchased it, and got it running. now it keeps fouling out plugs, and there is/ never was any power to the tail light or the headlight. however, the brake light works. and when i tested the wires coming out of the engine with a test light (5 wires) they all seemed to be connected.

this did not seem to be right to me, but i cannot explain why the brake light would work then. I also think that the moped might not be getting a hot enough spark. anyone have any suggestions on what i should look at? i cleaned off the points a little with some sand paper, but didnt think that would be the cause of the lights not working. ???? i am stumped...

Re: Need help with electrical problems!

Leon Swarmer /


I don't know Sach's so you'll need to wait for others, but I Can tell you the points aren't going to effect the lights.

If the plug is foulig quickly, I'm guessing it might be fuel /air mix or oil/gas mix. or maybe timing.. really helpful huh? anyway a few places to start maybe.

Re: Need help with electrical problems!

theymightbechip /

does anyone know if i can take the one wire that has power for the brake lights and use that to re-wire the headlight and tail light? or would that just cause all lights to be really dim?

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