help with gas/stalling problems

ok, so i just got a moped and think i royaly fucked up, because now the machine won't really start. first it started by stalling out now it just won't go. on my tank it says don't use unleaded....being from this time period i thought that meant use diesel....i found out this is not the case, and how do i got about using leaded gas then first of all. next i think i got my ratio wrong, it's supose to be 20:1 which i've been told is odd anyway.

so do i just have to drain my tank and start i have to clean the carb...i just need to get it running again

Re: help with gas/stalling problems

Pour it out. Diesel is not the same as a gas/fuel mixture. Dump the diesel, (you might be able to carefully loosen a fuel line and drain it that way,

Leaded gas is quite commonly used in farm equipment and such, and you shouldn't use "unleaded" on anything unless it specifically says to use it. Most motors (besides automobiles and lawn equipment) run on leaded fuel. The use of diesel probably didn't do anything bad to your ped yet, In fact it was probably good for it. Diesel is a leaded fuel with oil added. You added MORE oil, and likely 2-3 times as much as necessary also. Your not starting because your combustion chamber is probably nice and slicked down with all that oil.

Mixture should typically be more like 40:1 or 50:1.

What kind of moped is it I wonder?

Re: help with gas/stalling problems

Oh yeah, and if you can't get "regular" (leaded) gas, you can get a lead substitute from the auto parts store for like $2. I don't think the lead/unleaded issue is a big deal on a 2 cycle motor, anyone care to elaborate?

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