Spark plug wire gauge question

I have a 78 free spirit (puch). Some punk asses decided to destroy my bike by pulling out the spark plug wire, then attempting to set it on fire. I need to replace the spark plug wire that goes into the boot, but I am unsure of what the gauge is.

I appreciate the help and any tips that you may have for fixing it.


Re: Spark plug wire gauge question

Jason Luther /

i replaced mine with an old car plug wire and boot. i am not sure of the guge of the old one, but you need a multi-strand wire so it can thread onto the boot and coil. i would guess about 16-14 gauge.

Re: Spark plug wire gauge question

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Take your old wire to a motorcycle shop. They should have a replacement. Jim

Re: Spark plug wire gauge question

Standard sold-core plug cable is 7mm. I've seen 5.5mm on some peds, like the Mobys. I've never seen spark cable classed by wire gauge, just outer diameter.

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