No air box?

Hey I was just wondering what the afects of running without an air box are. My '80 Maxi Didn't have one when I bought it and it has run fine without it. But I am just wondering will this decrease my fuel eficiency? Or harm anything else? Thanks.


Re: No air box?

A well designed air box might offer almost no air restriction.. as far as performance goes, there may be little or no effect on the air:fuel ratio without such a box..

but other boxes cause lots of air-restriction and the carburetor's metering would take this into account.. so running without that one may cause a too-lean mixture since more air would get in without it than with it installed.

An air box is also an intake roar muffler as well as carburetor/engine protection from dirt, mud and rain, etc .. and it usually houses an air filter element.. so running without one is not advised.

Re: No air box?

Thanks Joe, Do you think temporarily I could use a piece of cloth or screen just to cover the inlet to protect the carb? and do you think that would simulate an air box as far as performance and mileage go?

Re: No air box?

You don't need an airbox,although if you had one,and eliminated it,you may need to increase jet size.But NEVER RUN AN ENGINE WITHOUT AN AIR FILTER.Doing so won't likely do much damage to the carb,but will destroy the rest of your engine in short order.

Re: No air box?

What do you recomend using in place of a box? I am using a pice of screen right now just to keep the dirt out. Is there something better?

Re: No air box?

Thin sheets of foam oiled with a light oil.


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Re: No air box?

Thanks Grey!!

Re: No air box?

Jason Luther /

maxis have a very unrestictive air box. it would be hard to reproduce their air flow. you can buy one pretty cheap from or mopedwarehouse.

Re: No air box?

i had a bike with a Bing carb.. the filter element was just a very fine brass screen... but a box protected it and muffled intake roar..

I'd try to find a stock box and a stock element.. A hacked air intake system doesn't seem worth the potential headaches... maybe keep an eye on THIS PAGE

Re: No air box?

What about a clamp on air filter?What size is the carb inlet?

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