honda 50 elite. Lights out!

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about electrical problems. My battery was continuosly going dead so i would recharge it every couple days and then the battery decided it would go dead no matter what, even if disconnected. This was a brand new battery. Also, the scooter would remain running if i disconnected the battery. This eventually resulted in my headlight going out, and now the brake signals! im frusterated! Thanks a lot

Re: honda 50 elite. Lights out!

Well,first of all,a Honda Elite is a scooter,but heres the problem.If the battery goes dead even when disconnected,then the problem is in the battery.You need a new one.Just because a battery is new,doesn't mean it's good.And do not run it anymore without the battery.The battery serves as a load in the electrical system,and prevents the voltage from going to high.Replace the burned out bulbs and hope that running it without the battery did not damage the regulator or stator.Those tend to be expensive parts.

Re: honda 50 elite. Lights out!

There could be a bad cell in the battery. I.e. a short between two cells, this will drain a battery in no time. Replace Battery. Some places have a 30 day warrenty on batteries for this type of condition. Check on it.

Re: honda 50 elite. Lights out!

ok. I really appreciate the feedback guys. Ill see what i can do after getting a new battery. I did find the whole electrical system for the scooter (used) on ebay so i replaced the regulator, hopefully all of the parts work. Thanks again.

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