FA50 exhaust and carb....

I have an 1983 FA50 (suzuki).

I took it to a guy who claimed to clean the carb, put in new plugs, etc. It was running pretty well, but the bike would never exceed 25mph, even down hills. then I messed everything up.

I fiddled with the idle and airmix screws, and somehow now I can't get the bike to go even 20mph (it tops out at 15mph, and it is VERY weak starting off). I have read endlessly about the idle and mix screws, and from what i've read, i want the idle screw at about 1 and 1/4 out, and the airmix screw about 1-2 turns out. I have fiddled with lots of variations, to no avail.

Today i was fiddling with these screws while revving the engine, and I noticed (in addition to a lot of smoke coming from the muffler) drips of black oil coming out the back of my muffler. The entire under side of the muffler is oily, and when i rev the engine, oil drips out.

Can someone diagnose the problem here? I've seen posts about FA50s doing 30mph or more. is there anyway my bike will do that?

thanks so much,


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