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Hey all-

What is a typical lifespan of a moped engine. I have about 2700 miles on my Puch Maxi and she's starting to feel a bit sluggish. Thanks.


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I'd say 10,000 is a good average. A tune-up (decarbonize,clean exhaust,clean carb, check compression) should get your bike back up to normal. With 2700 miles it should keep going for many more miles as long as you treat it right and follow normal maintenance.


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Re: engine lifespan

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Re: engine lifespan


Re: engine lifespan

There are a million variables.A brand new Tomos engine(I'm using the Tomos as an example,because in my opinion it is the best quality moped still available new),can last 50,000 miles if properly cared for and maintained,and if it is run on premix.It will probably need some minor things done to it,like new spark plugs,and probably new clutches.The neat thing about 2-stroke mopeds,is that when the eventually do wear out,a new cylinder,piston,rings,and bearings,will make them like new again,and that is less than $200 worth of parts.So a moped really can last a lifetime,as long as parts are available at a reasonable price,and you keep rust out of the gas tank.And don't crash.Jerry.

Re: engine lifespan

I got a little over 7000 on my old Allstate before the rings went. I expect to get another 5000 out of it before doing anything else. But the wait on the back-ordered piston is killing me. I lost most of the summer already, and here in Montana, winter's already knockin'. I ordered that thing in July!

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