yamha running run

My yamaha work only when the engine is cold. When i ran it for 1 to 2 minute the engine loose power and when i put the throttle up the engine stop.

Do somebody knows wath can it be ??

Re: yamha running run

it sounds like the bike is running out of fuel..

Clean out the entire fuel system.. make sure fuel flows continuously from the tank into a separate container. Clean all fuel filters or screens. The carburetor's bowl holds only a tiny amount of fuel, and it must quickly refill with fuel as fuel is used up.

Also check the fuel tank's cap's vent hole.. The tank must be vented or a vacuum will develop.. and fuel flow will slow and may stop completely in a minute or two.

Re: yamha running run

I don't think that is the fuel system because i check it and all is flowing well. The only think is that the engine stop only if we put the throttle too fast for running it we have to put it gently and if we gave it a little bit too fast the engine stop

Re: yamha running run

A couple of questions:

-Do you use the choke when starting the bike, and if so, are you certain that when you shut it off that the cable is operating correctly at the carb? A stuck choke can cause stalling after a couple of minutes of running.

-Has the carb been thoroughly cleaned? The QT has a main nozzle and jet pilot that screw into the carb base that, when clogged, can wreak all sorts of havoc. Doesn't take much to clog them, either. (see attachment, part #'s 5 and 6)

Follow the fuel/cleaning advice from the prior post, and I would also recommend adding a see thru filter to your fuel line after the cleaning steps are performed.

Good luck!


Re: yamha running run

I have a question

Does the contact breaker can have a bad ajustement ???

and the problem is because of this bad adjustement?

Re: yamha running run

Leon Swarmer /

The gap on the points can be off or they can be dirty..but this does not sound like your problem.

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