Still need help with motobecane

I get the bike to idle but the only way to do so engages the bike and the rear tire spins. When I try to adjust it to stop that, it dies.

Re: Still need help with motobecane

So the rear wheel spins.. I think All my rear wheels have always spun when on the center stand idling. Infact I think all mopeds do that. If it idles while you are sitting on it, with the rear wheel on the ground. then your bike is fine.

If it dies once the wheel is not allowed to spin, then you have a clutch problem (its too grabby) if this is the case, run some fine sand paper between the clutch cover, and the clutch drum assembly. you will find 3 clutch shoes in there, clean them off with 220 grit sandpaper, then clean the surface of the clutch assembly where the shoes touch. you will use alot of sandpaper, keep doing it untill the sandpaper comes out pretty clean.

Re: Still need help with motobecane

Ya, once I aply the rear brake and it stops the wheel, it dies. Ill try your sandpaper idea tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Re: Still need help with motobecane

Yup go with what dan says, i had the same problem my clutch shoes had come off and were jammed between the outer case!!.

Was a mission to get them out !

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