Oil Injection

I have a '78 NC-50. To check and make sure the oil injection is working, I pulled the feed to intake side of the oil line to add an air bubble to the flow. With the ped running how fast should oil be injected. It took maybe 30 seconds for the small air bubble to move into the intake. Is this a normal rate of injection?

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Jonas Quimby /

The Express's oil pump doesnt pump much. It doesnt need to.

So long as it's pumping and you dont have insane mileage on the bike, I suspect you're just fine.

If you really think it's a little slow you can add a tiny bit to your gas, or switch to a really high grade synthetic that doesnt need so much to do the same job.

Or if you're just paranoid you can bypass the oil injector all together and run straight premix. I just dont think you need to.

Re: Oil Injection

I am a mechanic of sorts and am still getting used to 2 cycle.

It would seem that 2 cycle engins have more in common with steam engins than 4 cycle engins.

It seemed that Honda went to lots of trouble to move so little oil.

I took the pump apart and based on the mechinism, it's only designed to deliver the smallest amout of oil. It looked like the "Mouse Trap" kinda way to get around premixing.



Re: Oil Injection

I am a professional mechanic with years of experience,and while I don't work on 2-strokes that much,I do not like 2-stroke oil injection systems.I found major problems with mine,and removed it.Theres no way to verify whether its working properly or not,until your engine seizes up.As for 2-stroke engines,I have come to like them,they are far superior for moped use than 4-strokes,they are reliable(except for the oil injection systems),they are simple and easy to work on,and put out a lot more power for their size than 4-strokes.Jerry.

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