FA50 Headlight problem

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My FA50 is running great, but the headlight died a few days ago. I dont know why. The battery seems to be fine - I have horn, and the tail light works fine. When I run the engine, the dash/instrument lights work fine, lighting up my speedometer.

Does anyone know how I can test the headlight? Is it possible I just need a new bulb? any way to find out without buying one?

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Re: FA50 Headlight problem

You could check a lamp a couple ways.. one is to directly hook it up to a battery.. battery-positive to one headlight terminal, and negative to the other.

On a low and high beam lamp, there may be 3 terminals. One terminal would be the common ground, and the other two would be for low and high beam.

Or put a ohm-meter on it (a multimeter set to "resistance" or "ohms"). If the element is good the meter will register a few ohms or will indicate continuity. If it's no good, the meter will register infinite resistance.. an "open circuit".. no continuity..

Search the net for basic uses of a multimeter on a vehicle.. HEREs ONE break>

Re: FA50 Headlight problem

thanks - but i have a few follow ups, because I"m a moron at this stuff:

when you say "terminal" what do you mean? in the pic above, it's just the end of the bulb. you're saying remove the headlight bulb and connect to a battery, or is that only for use with an Ohmeter?

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Re: FA50 Headlight problem

there's a wire element in a bulb.. it's twisted and coiled .. gets white-hot and produces light. (2 elements in a high-lo beam lamp)

the two ends of the element must somehow exit the bulb's body so it can be connected to the bike's electrical system. Various forms of "terminal" are used.. some look like those in the picture.

Here, the bulb's base has a blot of solder.. one terminal.... and the brass screw base is the other terminal.

On a bike headlamp, the terminals probably come out as "spade" terminals.. small flat, rectangular things.. and a mating female terminal on the headlamp wire's end plugs into it. There are many and various forms of terminals.. barrel, screw-connection, etc.

You can remove the bulb if it's more convenient and gives easy access, but it's not necessary..

In either case when testing with battery or meter, disconnect the lamp's wiring and then connect the battery or the meter.

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