Carburator questions for my 1977 honda nc50

I just got this 1977 honda express nc50 from a friend of mine. I'm not to familiar with fixing small engines, but i'm really interested in fixing this scooter up to be something fun. when i first got it, it cranked up and ran fine, but a couple weeks later, it became difficult to start. and now it just barely wont turn over, and just before it stopped starting, when i was riding it, i would give it gas and it almost would die out. if anyone could help me to fix this i would love it. i want to clean the carburator and see what happens, but i'd also like to get a couple of performance parts, just to help it run a little better. it's hard to find a manual or people who are familiar with a scooter this old.

Re: Carburator questions for my 1977 honda nc50

Leon Swarmer /

Re: Carburator questions for my 1977 honda nc50

Leon Swarmer /

On older peds always start with a new properly gapped spark plug. and don't torque it in too tightly.

Re: Carburator questions for my 1977 honda nc50

Jonas Quimby /

I wrote a guide specific to the Express. It covers how to fix up a garage sale find, and it's more geared to the older years like yours. Search the forums for garage sale express to find it, I think it should give you what you need.

Re: Carburator questions for my 1977 honda nc50

Good Morning,

I guess a year in qualifies me to speak on behalf of what I've learned.

Task 1; Empty and clean the heck out of the tank. Lost of postings on rusty tanks. Search and learn.

Task 2; Clean and blow out the fuel lines

Task 3; Get a suitable in-line filter for the fuel line

Task 4; Clean or have the carb cleaned. I saw a posting that pointed you at the Honda manual. It has a good description of the process.

Task 4; Replace the spark plug.

Task 5; Because you had to take the tank off, you need to re-prime the oil injector pump. Look in the manual again. It will describe this process. It's simple but a dry pump will not inject oil. This will cause your motor to self destruct.

Task 6; Don't give up and ask ask ask if you're not sure. You're not alone.



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