Motobecane magneto

Guys, I got a 1978 V50 several weeks ago. It runs but not good enough and I would like to check the points and change the condenser. How do you remove the mag cover? Right hand or left hand threads on the nut? Any tricks of the trade from you experts out there would be appreciated. Thanks.

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left hand thread, 3/8 extention will work in hole, retorque to 34 ft lbs.

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left hand thread, use a short 3/8 extention. Torque to 34 ft lbs when you put it back on.

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If you do not have a piston stop, Or you do not like applying too much pressure on the pison/rod. Then I suggest pinning a ratchet with a 14mm socket on the clutch nut against the left pedal on the ped. you will see what I mean when you get there.

these can stick like you would not believe, usually due to a bunch of dudes who have overtightened it while trying to remove it over the past 28 years.

you may need to use some penetrating oil, and/or butane torch to heat up the nut. I would avoid using an impact wrench if possible. One of my bikes starting knocking after taking the flywheel off using that method

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in place of a piston stop use some strong rome and shove about 6 inches down the spark plug hole

it works great!!!


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