Source for Motobecane condensors?

When my engine ran (I'm rebuilding it now) I had trouble keeping it running after a while. I think it was a fuel problem, but with all the condensor troubles people have been posting, I thought I'd replace mine just in case. What seems to be a good place to buy them? I saw that had Peugeot ones for $16, but I can buy an automotive one for $3.50 at Advance autoparts. Assuming I can find a 3uF one there, I might go that route; but an OEM one that fit the mounting holes would be nice.

Re: Source for Motobecane condensors?

Me too mine arnt broke yet but a spare from an auto supply shop that will fit would be nice to have since im a million miles from anything. And my moby twin should arrive tommorrow.

Re: Source for Motobecane condensors?

I have a few new old stock condensors that mount outside of the mag cover, are held in place by two screws. 12.50 each includes shipping. e-mail me if interested. Some motobecanes have condensors that mount under the primary coil. check where yours mounts. DT

Re: Source for Motobecane condensors?

Thanks for the reply, daytripper, that sounds pretty good. I just found out that the damage I'm trying to repair isn't isolated to my piston (as I'd thought), but affects the cylinder as well; so now I'm going to need a whole new top end. I'm going to hold off on buying your condensor now until I find that. If you have a NOS 50V top end, though, I'd love to hear about that!

Re: Source for Motobecane condensors?

NOS 50v top end are usually the "J" cylinder, and are slow for some reason. I suggest a good condition used for best performance.

As for condensors, the metal condensor which is sometimes mounted outside the stator, and sometimes inside, is for 6 volt ignition previous to 1978. This can be found new in many moped shops, like 1977 mopeds in Kalamazoo. The brown or blue condensor went in 12 volt ignition, and can be obtained from Handy Bikes in Ohio.

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