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I've got an 02 targa lx. If i sit on the bike and hold the front brake and push forward theres like a loose spot in the suspension between the forks moving and the suspension actually offering any resistance. I've also just heard about a friend who had a targa hitting a pothole and the forks actually broke off of his tomos at about 35mph. so understandably i'm a bit skeptical about my forks right now. i've always ridden bmx, and the thing on a bmx bike that causes forks to break more than anything else is because something is loose. and the suspension on my targa lx is so insanely loose that it scares me. like there is so much play in the forks that at higher speeds i can almost feel the front wheel wobbling a little.

I'm assuming i probably need to replace a damper or a spring or something inside of the fork. but being pretty new to the moped world, i'm not sure what the things i actually need are. shock, damper, springs? any help would be greatly appreciated.

oh and i also seem to have a little oil or something leaking from the gear box. it ends up getting on the chain and in turn all over the entire back end of the moped. i thought at first maybe it was suppsoed to happen to keep the chain lubed, but have since decided that probably isn't correct. are there any common leaks that happen with these things? thanks in advance for any advice.

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How much play do the forks have, a small amount may be normal. As for the transmission fluid leak its a common problem. I would try putting thick grease around the seals. The problem is to get to the seal behind the sprocket you will have to remove the engine side cover and sprocket.


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Re: Tomos forks

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yes i was just in a accident a week ago because my forks were like that its the tubes at the bottom of the forks unscrew them and get new ones either that or the bolts at the tops of the forks are loose as for the oil leakage the oil pump is right there sometimes the tube comes loose so open up the panel and check it out but worry about the forks my accident sucked check out my myspace for pics scroll down the page i broke my knee

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