Hi all. I just wanted to know if anyone has any clue as to what kind of paint in a spray can will not be affected by fuel. Has anyone repainted their moped? What kind of paint?and how did it turn out?

Re: re-Paint

i repainted mine bhut foregot what type. but don't paint in high humidity it'll screw up the whole thing!!@!!!!!!!

Re: re-Paint

Dupli-color works alright. I wouldnt reccomend having gas sit on ANY paint for too long though... My brother pitted the top of my LX tank by not wiping off gas after he went to the pump.


Re: re-Paint

Brian Mikami /

Sorry, but nothing in a rattle can will stand up to gas. Automotive urethane is the best and what is used by all factory paints. It's catalyzed so it chemically hardens. You'll need spray gear, a good respirator, primer, sealer, color and clear coat. I painted my Maxi, took a lot of work, but it's as good or better than the factory paint.

You could 'try' the appliance epoxy spray, I used it on my truck grille and it's holdng up fine. I have'nt spilled any gas on it, but it is durable. You'll have to wait a week for it to fully cure. I've only seen it in black and white...LOL

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