starting after sitting for years

i have recently purchased a 1980 Columbia commuter moped.

it has been sitting for 5 years can anyone help me w/ getting it started and running, I also would like a repair manual, THANKS

Re: starting after sitting for years

Sachs engine or Solo engine? I think the commuters were all Sachs, but hard to say. Look through the photos of Columbia bikes, and find one with a motor that looks like yours.

Re: starting after sitting for years

Hi Anita,

Go here and you can print out the technical data, I just recently got my 1980 Columbia Cummuter Moped after being stored in my basement for almost 20 years, I have successfully got it running after a lot of derusting.

The folks here will direct to a more complete url with the total data. Keep checking back.

First thing I can tell you, is the Sachs 505/1 engine a takes a Bosch W 8 AC spark plug, AutoZone Stocks them for $1.16 including tax.

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