Need Help with Motobecane

I recently bought a 77 motobecane but I'm having some problems with it. It runs, but does not stay running unless you continue to give it gas. It is rideable, but if I stop, it dies and I have to start it again. Anyone got any ideas?

Re: Need Help with Motobecane

Have you adjusted the idle screw?

there is a strange idle circuit on the gurtner carbs. It gets clogged fairly easily too.

Gas goes through the higher hole in the bowl, then passes through a series of tunnels which end up passing around the outside of the diffuser jet, and up through a small hole next to the diffuser tip. If you can not squirt carb cleaner through the bowls high hole, then the idle circuit is clogged.

Re: Need Help with Motobecane

Ive tryed adjusting the idle screw but it doesnt seem to be getting anywhere.

Re: Need Help with Motobecane

did you adjust it with the bike fully warmed up?

Re: Need Help with Motobecane

If you cannot get a steady idle with the idle speed screw, then the most likely problem is a plugged idle (fuel) circuit in the carb, assuming you have the correct airbox, filter and exhaust installed. It could also be an air leak in the manifold connections, or possibly worn-out crank seals.

Are you able to drive the bike? How is the performance, other than the stalling issue? What is your indicated top speed?


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Re: Need Help with Motobecane

Nate-yes I did adjust it with the bike warmed up.

Legendre-Ill have to check those things out tomorrow.

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