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so, i am pretty new to the moped game. i bought a puch maxi in july and have been riding it around ever since. the other day i had the misfortune of getting to my moped after work and finding a flat front tire. for those of you in boston, is there a place to buy tubes? or do these things just take a heavy duty tube, like a mountain bike tube? i would imagine not, but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.



Re: puch tires/tubes

Hey man

I live in Back Bay and I have some brand new Michelins that I don't need..

I bought a set of Michelins from Handybikes.com on eBay but they are rated for 45 mph but they are fine... I only put a couple hundred miles on them so they are brand new...

but then I found these Michelins here for 13 bucks apiece


and they are high speed so I bought a pair just for the hell of it...

then last week I got a good deal on some slicks and I got a pair of them too lol...

I still have my Sava vipers too but I dont recommend them for snow or winter driving...

I have plenty of tires here if you need one... I'll give you one no problem... they are taking up too much room in my livingroom anyway hehe...

I have a few new Kendra tubes too and we can work something out if you need one of those

Hit me up... Im right in Back Bay and I'm always around!

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