Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

Hello all,

My ongoing saga continues. I seem to have a short in the bike. The high beams work, the horn occassionally, but the brakes, low beam and Speedo light are all offline.

I think there might be a short somewhere. Does anyone know if the 1978 PA 50 diagram found on this site is the same for the 82?

I ask cause the MopedRiders.org PA50 Manual is for the 83, and includes turn signal wiring.

I can handle the mechanical, but this electrical stuff is killing me.

Thanks for the help.


Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

The '83 PA50 shop manual's wiring diagrams should be close enough.

It's just a matter of which one to use.

For my '78 PA 50 II, I first singled out all the non-battery diagrams (they're the ones where the 'Pink' wire from the alternator is _disconnected_), then all the ones that _had_ horns, then the ones _without_ turn sigals, etc.

I was left with just the one that I needed. Hopefully, you will have the same luck - I doubt Honda changed the wiring too much between '82 and '83.

Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

i agree.. afaik, the '83 manual's diagrams should match the '82

too bad you already went through the trouble of making a diagram fro the '78..

"HERE":https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/download.php?f=6&file=1082480832_honda_pa50_1978_wiring_diagram.jpg is a non-battery, pre-1981 Hobbit wiring diagram.

Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

Thanks a million for that schematic!

(I now have a new pinup poster in my basement garage... Sexy!)

Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

I have a battery type diagram for an '81 if you think it will help. Email me and I can fax it to you.

Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

Hey guys,

Thanks for the help. I will keep plugging away with the 83 schematic as my guide.

I do have one question though, are there fuses on these puppies? I haven't seen any. But that might be a problem.


Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

The wiring diagram I have for an '81 with a battery shows a fuse right off the positive terminal of the battery.

Hope this helps.

Re: Wiring Diagram for a 1982 PA 50

Hi guys,

I posted this already, but seem to be having some technical difficulties. So if this is redundant, I apologize.

I have no battery in the 82. So, I dunno about the fuses. I will do a thorough search this evening.

And I found out the 78 wiring diagram will likely work. I saw a 79 PA 50 and it looks exactly like mine. I will check that out too.

Anyway, I have a temporary solution and will have all winter to work on it.

Thanks for the help.


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