Tomos Turn-Signal Switch

On my 2005 Tomos Targa LX, my turn-signal switch is HORRIBLE. its so hard to switch it to the left or right for turn signal, i have to use like 2 hands. I was thinking about WD-40 but will that screw up the electric? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Re: Tomos Turn-Signal Switch

u shitting me i have the exact same problem. I rode in the rain and now its exaclty like that

Re: Tomos Turn-Signal Switch

Oil which is what WD 40 is NOT good for a switch. There are some electrical switch cleaner out there, look at an electrical supply place. You can also try canned air from most places with computer equipment. And Gasoline IS NOT good to use either. If it is still very sticky try some rubbing alcohol.

Re: Tomos Turn-Signal Switch

ok dont listen to craig.

wd40 will not mess it up at all. i had that problem so i was getting pissed so i sprayed wd40 behinde the switch and then i kept switching it back and forth and then is was better than normal.

Re: Tomos Turn-Signal Switch

I can't say whether it will help or not,this seems to be a common thing with Tomos'switches,but WD-40 will not harm the switch.If you want to spend more money,get a can of LPS#1.It's what we use at work on electrical stuff,and what I use at home as well.I haven't had the Tomos switch apart,so I don't know for sure how it works,but most switches of that type have a small spring behind a round ball,kind of like a tiny ball bearing,which fits into dimples in a copper strip.Getting it wet can cause the copper to corrode,which not only makes the switch hard to move,but can also cause intermittant electrical contact between the ball and the copper strip.It's likely that the Tomos switch just has poor tolerances between the moving parts.Anyway,WD-40 wont hurt it.

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