batavus lost everyhting

help me pleez my 78 batavus sucks now!!!!!! i have no power and just 2 days ago it was fine-i dont know what could be wrong, i checked the carb and the petcock and the muffler and nothing that i can see is wrong with it

Re: batavus lost everyhting

Ben Armstrong /

DID you take a wrench and remove the nut that holds the Gas line into the carb and look inside of it, it should have a very small net in it check it for blockege (fuel filter). I have this problem happen to me allot. Took me a while to figure it out (about 1 year)!

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Re: batavus lost everyhting

Leon Swarmer /

That's not the best description in the world.."no power"

The more you tell us the easier it is to find a problem.

Does it run at all? how does it sound? What does it do on the center stand? What happened last time it was right?

HAve you changed the spark plug????

Re: batavus lost everyhting

Jake Stover / no power i mean its sluggish to get up to 10 mph, then it stays there. heres the update-it runs terrible (it put put puts) on the center stand its not much different-no i didnt change the spark but it looked help is appreciated

Re: batavus lost everyhting

is the bike completely warmed up and it still has low power?

Re: batavus lost everyhting

Jake Stover /


Re: batavus lost everyhting

Leon Swarmer /

Go ahead and change to new plug and gap it properly. It can make a world of difference, even if the old plug looks fine.

What color does the old plug show when you pull it out.

Still could be a fuel..a tiny bit of gunk can clog stuff up.


Re: batavus lost everyhting

clean your exhaust, maybe its filled up with coal and tar, i had this with my 1977 Sparta lucky and since i cleaned the exhaust she runs excellent.

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