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> Tim L Wrote:

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> As posted elsewhere recently. If you have this bike, better check the

> pulleys, make sure they are clean (no rust) or your belt coul dbe eaten

> and your screwed.....


> The Honda belt, part number 23100-187-003 or 23100-187-004, is no longer

> available, nor does Honda plan to re-order it. Honda WILL NOT furnish

> the specifications for this belt to make it easier to find a

> replacement. The belt was manufactured by Mitsuboshi and they WILL NOT

> furnish the original specs for the belt to make it easier to find a

> replacement. It appears tht no after market manufacturer has interest in

> making a belt for this scooter either. The belt is the most important

> factor in scooter performance and operation. For example, Honda

> recommends replacement of the belt when it wears to 13 mm. New, it is

> only 14 mm, so there is no tolerance for wear. For each mm of wear, top

> speed decreases by 3 to 5 mph. While an industrial or even automotive

> "similar" belt might be found, it WILL be different in width, taper,

> rigidity, and perhaps the overall diameter. So, it is rather worthless

> to try to use one of these "similar" replacements and ever expect the

> scooter to have any sort of like new performance. Honda's attitude is

> that they have fulfilled their requirement to furnish the part as long

> as mndated, and now all you Honda Nx50M owners can throw that junk in

> the scrap pile or put on a "similar" belt that might get you 20 - 25 mph

> if you are lucky. Seems, the NX50M is now a sort of dinosaur. If anyone

> has different information, p;ease let us know.

I know this is a 14 year old thread but I have very good news for everyone who owns a Honda Express SR (NX50).

I bought a NX50 last winter with only 1500 original miles on it and the belt was fatory original, the BX27 is 30 inches long, I just tries it and the speed was of about 4 miles an hour less because it's too long even if it's 16mm wide, it was quite loose compared to the factory original , the BX26 is 29 inches long and this one really "RIPS" in every way :) , it gives lots of speed but also gives lots of friction, which creates lots of heat as well, which is not good for all the parts in the case, and can also lead to the belt tearing apart, conclusion: it's too short.

The fatory original belt on my NX50 is a Bando 23100-187-0040, it's length is 29.5 inches and width is now at 13mm. I searched on the WEB and found nothing except for this, none tooth, belt on Ebay, it's the exact length, 29.5" but a little wider 5/8", which is about 15.8mm wide, that's good news because a wider belt will tough longer until reaching the 13mm width needed to swap for a new one and a wider belt will give optimal performance on speed, only thing is I wonder if the the belt will withstand the heat the drive pulley case endures beause of the engine, it can withstand 120 degrees Celsius according to the seller. What temperature does the drive pulley case go up to?

These belts are all the same width but you select the length and they have the 29.5" length. :) 12$ USD plus 6$ shipping is a pretty good price as well. (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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