Gear Case oil '78 NC-50 Please help !!

I have a '78 NC-50. I spent all last winter putting it back together. It took a while to locate a gasket for the Gearcase so I had to be carefull putting it back together. On this ped, you also have to deal with the starter link. All in all it took me about 10 times to get the case put back together. Unfortunately I now find that I can't figure out how to put the oil in. It's supposed to take .7 quart of 10W30 and I can't figure out where to put it in. I know now that I should have put the oil in before I put the cover on but I can't imagin that you need to pull this cove off every time you wish to add oil.

Re: Gear Case oil '78 NC-50 Please help !!

This is alink to a online manual for your bike, I THINK. Look at the contents page and go to the section that may have what your looking for.

Re: Gear Case oil '78 NC-50 Please help !!

I have this manual. It doesn't give a clue.

Thanks for the link though.

Re: Gear Case oil '78 NC-50 Please help !!

John Joedicke /

Probably a bolt plug at the reat of the gear case like the Yamahas, and a drain plug right under the case behind the CVT transmission. If it is anything like the Yammy's it will even have the amount of gear oil/ oil stamped right on the case.

Re: Gear Case oil '78 NC-50 Please help !!

Jonas Quimby /

There is a plug on the "front" of the transmission, beside the footpegs. This largish bolt also holds on a plate that secures the carb overflow drain.

Be sure not to use synthetic oil in the transmission as some have reported losses in performance.

I also suggest you find yourself some real single grade 30 weight instead of 10W30 due to the differances in operating temps between an Express transmission and a large car engine.

The thickness of a multigrade oil changes with temp, but it's ment to run in a very hot car, not a piddly moped.

Re: Gear Case oil '78 NC-50 Please help !!

I did feel a bit stupid once I found it. It was right where you said it would be. Not only that, it was also on the spare case I have that I used to help locate it.

Thank You !!!

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